Pedal Away The Pounds - A Guide to Cycling & Weight Loss E-Book


Introduction to the E-Book

The modern day lifestyle is largely built around working too much, not having enough time to do the things you love, and stress from those two that leads to eating foods that aren’t always the healthiest. All of this on top of not exercising as much is just about the perfect recipe for being heavier than you otherwise would like to be.

There are a lot of diet and exercise plans out there to get you to lose weight but they don’t always focus on the right things and, let’s be honest, aren’t always the most fun or appetizing. The key to losing weight and keeping it off is to do it in a way that is fun, manageable, as well as tasty. This approach then isn’t something you just do for a period of time and go back to what you were doing originally. It is an approach that creates a healthy, balanced lifestyle that leaves you feeling great, doing the things you love, with the body you want.

Riding a bike is one of the best ways to increase your activity level and lose weight for a number of reasons:

  • It is soft on your joints (a potential issue if you’re carrying a few extra pounds).
  • Gets your heart rate up.
  • Can promote muscle growth.
  • Overall is just fun to do because you’re traveling at speed covering more ground exploring more places.
  • Additionally, it is also something you can easily do with others which has even more benefits.

Combining the benefits of riding a bike with eating the right foods at the right time will give you the body you want as being active and eating certain types of foods was what nature intended and have you ever seen a fat wild animal?

In this book we will give you the tools you need to first ride a bike whether you’re a first timer or have ridden before on a regular basis. And then we will get into the basics of food and why you should know what things are and how your body reacts to them. Following this is a detailed look at exactly what we should be eating and how to prepare it as well as shop for it. Then we get into what to eat surrounding your ride because you can’t exactly have a full-course meal while out on a ride. This then leads us into alternative ways of eating and why they are good or bad. Summing up the book is then a chapter on the little things that contribute to your weight; things like sleep and addiction. Accompanying this book is also an 8-week training plan to get you rolling on the bike and burning more calories.

We hope you embrace our approach to weight loss and that it’s not just something you do for a set period of time but rather as a way to adjust your lifestyle permanently toward that of a healthy, enjoyable, productive lifestyle. We hope you enjoy and after you get started down this new path of riding and eating well you will let us know how it’s going when we follow up with you.

Here’s to a new lifestyle -

The I Love Bicycling Team- Adam Farabaugh, Lee Agur, Josh Friedman, & Mandy King

E-Book Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Using the Bike to Lose Weight

  • Riding Is A Great Way to Start Exercising More
  • Benefits of Riding
  • Any Bike Will Do to Start
  • Types of Riding – Finding Your Match
  • Starting Out With the Bike – Any Bike
  • Bike Skills to Develop
  • A Few Basic Safety Measures
  • How to Not Get Hit By a Car Riding Your Bike
  • Getting a Good Fit on the Bike
  • Your Butt Might Get Sore
  • Increasing and Focusing Your Riding In the Correct Way
  • Taking Your Riding to the Next Level
  • Making It Fun So You Will Do It on a Consistent Basis
  • Managing Your Time for Effective Workouts
  • Warming Up For Every Ride
  • Cycling Zones and Intensities
  • What Heart Rate to Achieve
  • PE (Perceived Exertion):
  • Finding an Efficient Cadence
  • Riding Inside - Trainer, Rollers, or a Stationary Bike:
  • Off the Bike Strengthening and Stretching
  • Rest and Recovery
  • Keeping Track of What You Do
  • Getting a Checkup with Your Doctor Before Beginning a New Style of Eating and Exercising
  • Cross Training and Staying Active
  • Achieving the Body and Lifestyle You Want

Chapter 2: The Basics of Calories & Weight Loss

  • What is a Calorie?
  • Macronutrients – The Carbs, Protein, and Fat… Oh and Alcohol
  • How Your Body Burns Calories For Energy
  • At What Rate Are Calories Burned
  • How Many Calories Your Body Can Absorb Per Hour
  • How to Approach Losing Weight
  • Weighing Yourself and Setting Goals
  • Body Types – Not Everyone Is the Same
  • Calories In Versus Calories Out – Right or Wrong?
  • Losing Weight Does Not Mean Going Hungry
  • Never Limit Your Intake Particularly on the Bike.
  • Increasing Satiety
  • Number of Meals per Day.
  • How Hormones Influence How You Eat
  • Focusing Your Eating To Just Eating
  • In Conclusion of How Calories and Your Body Work

Chapter 3: What to Eat for a Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle

  • Different Types of Food
  • Blood Sugar 101
  • Protein
  • Healthy Fats
  • Carbohydrates
  • The Juicing Myth
  • Processed Foods
  • The Good Fats, Proteins And Carbs To Eat
  • Misleading “Health Foods”
  • Learning the basics of cooking
  • Learning How To Grocery Shop
  • When To Slip Up, On Purpose

Chapter 4: Incorporating Food with your Riding

  • How To Plan for Your Rides Nutritionally
  • What to Eat Before Cycling
  • When to Eat
  • What to Eat While Cycling
  • What to Eat on Long Rides
  • Hydration Tips
  • Upset Stomach Cycling?
  • Bonking

 Chapter 5: The Varying Approaches to Eating and are They Good

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Paleo
  • Dairy-Free
  • Raw Food Diet
  • The Take-Away From All the Different Diets Out There

Chapter 6: The Little Things that Contribute

  • Sleep
  • Addiction to Carbohydrates
  • Stress
  • Mind-set & Emotion
  • Weight Training

Chapter 7: Bike Training Plan to Lose Weight

  • Not Just the “Fat Burning Zone”
  • Recovery Days
  • Skills to Practice
  • The 8 Week Training Plan

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